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In the 15 years since the Henhouse Prowlers' inception, the band has forged its own path through music and across the globe.

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On stage, the group's enthralling performances give audiences a sense of how much they love what they do; while on record, the band manages to explore their collective life experiences through songwriting and intricate instrumentation. While bluegrass is the undeniable foundation of the Prowlers music, the band manages to bend and squeeze the traditional form into a sound all their own.

With over 175 shows a year, the quartet has toured over 25 countries, often going to places traditional American music has never been.

Tours in Siberia or the Middle East are not uncommon since the Prowlers started working as cultural ambassadors with the US State Department in 2013. These global experiences have pushed the band in new directions musically, with songs from Africa and Asia on several albums, but they have also moved the group to start an educational outreach program for both school children and festival-goers alike.

The Prowlers nonprofit, Bluegrass Ambassadors, uses traditional American music as an educational foundation to talk about folk music and cultures all over the world.

The Henhouse Prowlers released two albums in 2017, including "Live from Kyrgyzstan" in March and the brand new studio album "Separation Man" in November.

2019 holds tours to Asia, Europe, and even more untold adventures as the Prowlers continue to bring their own blend of bluegrass and world music to hearts unknown.


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there’s another train a waitin' [our nonprofit]

[Want to see more of us while we're in the area? Our alter ego, the Bluegrass Ambassadors, offers educational programming and workshops in a variety of formats for audiences of any age, musicianship, language, and (almost any) location. This unique educational programming blends global folk music traditions with cultural awareness and understanding. Our nonprofit works to educate and inspire through the cultural exchange of the universal language of music. Learn more here and get in touch here.]


i wish that you could be here

cause then you’d understand

what the open road

and a steering wheel

does to a ramblin man


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