Verses, Chapters, and Rhymes - CD

Verses, Chapters, and Rhymes - CD



1. Don't Even Say Goodbye (B. Wright)

2. Unsteady Footing (J. Goldfine)

3. Mourning Dove (Stan Wilson/J. Goldfine)

4. Doin' Alright (E. Lambert)

5. Green (E. Lambert)

6. I Know How It Feels (L. Cordle/R. Morrell)

7. Take Me Back To You (J. Goldfine)

8. Prisoner of War (J. Weigel)

9. Up and Down the Mountain (Cadillac Holmes)

10. Cumberland Blues (E. Lambert)

11. Tres Piños Sky (J. Goldfine)

12. Don't Always Get What You Wanted (B. Wright)

13. Northwest Passage (Larry Perkins)


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Produced by Sally Van Meter

Recorded at Notably Fine Audio, Denver, CO

Engineered by Mario Castillo