Separation Man - CD

Separation Man - CD



1. The Devil's Horn (B. Wright)

2. Nashville (A. Dorfman)

3. Centralia (B. Wright)

4. I'm No Good (A. Dorfman)

5. Cracks In The Pavement (J. Goldfine)

6. Pickardy III (K. O'Brien/A. Dorfman)

7. Highway Patrolman (B. Springsteen)

8. Honey Bee (K. O'Brien)

9. Part Of Your Routine (J. Goldfine)

10. I'll Never Love Again (A. Dorfman)

11. Separation Man (J. Weigel)

12. Little Red (A. Dorfman)

13. To Tell You The Truth (J. Goldfine)

*14. Oil (J. Weigel)    * contains explicit lyrics

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Engineered and mixed by Steve Rashid at Woodside Avenue Music, Evanston, IL