Live From Kyrgyzstan - CD

Live From Kyrgyzstan - CD



1. Lonesome Road (J. Goldfine)

2. Sitya Loss (E. Kenzo)

3. Foggy Mountian Special (A.L. Scruggs/G.S. Flatt)

 >>Mr. Charlie (Hunter/McKernan)

4.Uncle Bubba (J. Weigel)

5. Born and Raised In Covington (trad. -R. Holcomb)

6. Fire (J. Hendrix)

7. Leather Britches (trad. - arr. Henhouse Prowlers)

8. Carolina Moon (H. Broughton)

9. Shadow Of A Man (J. Weigel)

10. Drunk Again (S. Moss)

11. Kara Jorgo (trad. Kyrgyz - arr. Henhouse Prowlers)

12. Up and Down The Mountain (C. Holmes)

13. Stand By Me (J.Leiber/M. Stoller/B.E. King)

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Recorded live, Nov-Dec, 2016 in Bishkek and Tokmok, Kyrgyzstan

Mixed by Aaron Dorfman and Jon Goldfine at Casa de Dorf, Chicago, IL