A Dark Rumor - CD

A Dark Rumor - CD



1. Turn Me Loose

2. Uncle Bubba (Weigel)

3. Simplify (Benedict)

4. Trouble (Weigel)

5. The Ballad of Davey Robinson (Benedict)

6. Angeline Malone (Michael Thurman) 

7. 10 Miles More (Naomi Ashley)

8. Drifter (Weigel)

9. Shadow of a Man (Weigel)

10. Silver Lining (Benedict)

11. Walkin' Around in the Snow (Weigel)

12. Hadley's Lament (R. HInshaw) 

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Produced by Don Stiernberg, with Production Assistance from Greg Cahill 

Recorded at Woodside Avenue Music, Evanston, IL

Engineered by Steve Rashid