Eric Lambert: Pure of heart, soul and picking.

This is part 3 of our feature on former members of the Prowlers that will be sitting in with us on January first.  You can get tickets for this show individually here or buy all three nights (12/30, 12/31 and 1/1) and save on processing fees by clicking here.  We can't wait to ring in the new year! ERIC LAMBERT


Eric is amazing.  Combine that infectious smile with his buttery guitar skills and you get a one of the best musicians (and people) around.  We had so many good times with Mr. Lambert that it's hard to encapsulate it in a post like this.  We still tell the new guys about the time he started singing "Shady Grub" to the tune of "Shady Grove" when the topic of our least favorite road-food comes up.  Or, there was the time on Phish lot when we sang his song "Cumberland Blues" and its shear positivity created a small uprising amongst all the kids, scaring off some seriously bad people who were causing trouble.  His mark on us is indelible.

Not surprisingly, Eric has been extremely busy making music and teaching.   Most recently he's been teaming up and making an album with guitar player Chris Walz, a former member of Special Consensus (catch a video of them right here).   They'll be releasing a duo album soon!  Also, word on the street is that Eric will be releasing a tribute to Bob Dylan celebrating his 75th birthday in May of 2016.

As well, Eric continues to teach at 'former Prowler' Steve Haberichters store Down Home Guitars in Frankfort, IL.  Both Eric Lambert and Ben Wright are Truefire Artists and Educators, where you can take lessons online or via DVD 24 hours a day.

Do make sure you head over to and keep up to date on all the wonderful things Eric is up to.   We'll be busting out Lambert classics like "Doin' Alright" and "Cumberland Blues" along with some likely (can you say Grateful Dead?) surprises.