James Weigel will make you cry, and we love him for it.


All three nights of our New Year's run at Martyrs are going to rock and Jan 1st is no exception.  Read about one of our founding members below and get the full package here (saving you $7 AND including a free signed poster) OR buy tix for the individual shows here! Presenting:  James Weigel


We'll get to the point on this guy.  Without James Weigel, the Henhouse Prowlers would be a very different band.  He was one of the original six members, stepping in on dobro from the ashes of the Outlaw Family Band, along with Ben and Ryan.   James consistently writes songs that leave you winded, weary and reconsidering your lot in life.  The Prowlers still play a lot of his material from the first few years of the band because it's just that good.  It goes without saying that his songwriting has influenced all of us deeply.

Weigel has been busy over the past 1/2 dozen years, still writing powerful tunes and teaching up a storm.  He's a popular teacher at Flatts and Sharpe in Rogers Park and is currently working on some comprehensive instructional books for rock guitar.

Besides his dobro chops, James happens to SLAY the electric guitar.   Do yourself a favor and check out this powerful song James wrote and performed with Outlaw Family Band: Separation Man

While James stopped touring with us so that he could raise his beautiful daughter Dylan, it's still clear that he's always there on stage with us.  Any chance we get to have him back, we jump on and January 1st is no exception.  (Bonus: There will be double-dobro at this show!)

As a side note, we've been working on some of James's old tunes for this show and it's really no exaggeration when we say it packs a punch.  Songs that we recorded three albums ago (Prisoner of War, for instance) still sends chills.  We're excited to unearth some classics and even play some of his newer material.

Check out James's Reverb Nation page for more of his tunes and come out to see the real deal on January first at Martyrs'!