Ben Benedict: Picking Bluegrass and Taking Names.

This is part two of our biopics on former Prowlers that will be sitting in with us on January 1st at Martyrs. You can get tickets for all three shows here or buy them individually on their website here.

Ben Benedict


This guy is a force of nature.  Ben is one of those people you just don't find in a big city very often.   He grew up in rural Missouri and began playing music at a young age with his brothers and you just feel it when you get a chance to pick with him.   In the business we call him "One of THOSE Guys"; and by that we mean he plays mandolin, banjo and piano...along with his monster flat-pick guitar skills.

Ben contributed a lot of things to the band, but his songwriting left a huge mark.  Long after he left the Prowlers our recording of his song Simplify was placed in the video game Watch Dogs.  To this day we have people coming out to our shows having discovered the band through playing the game. (Seriously, go check out the comments on this youtube video to see how many gamers were exposed to bluegrass for their first time though this powerful tune.)  Ben's songwriting is real and connects with people on a deeper level than most.  We can't wait to bust out his tunes on January 1st!

As a side note, Ben is honestly one of the funniest guys ever.  I'll leave this bio he wrote for us here because it's much better than anything we would have come up with.

Since his time with the Prowlers Ben has been seen throughout the Midwest with Dog 1 (who are currently planning a reunion show January 23rd at Martyr's), is active in the corporate and private party music performance side of the business and can often be found at various festivals and jams throughout the area. While he is not currently touring he is working on some new music that he anticipates culminating into an album of original material, sometime around June 17, 2064 (at his current rate of recording).
Mild mannered worker bee by day and a bluegrass jam-master at night, Ben is a sexy Sagittarius who can cook a mean scorched salmon and knows the words to virtually every song ever written. Rumor has it he's really looking forward to having his face melted off onstage with the Prowlers once again!


One more thing.  We've had the pleasure of hearing some of the new music he mentioned.  It's REALLY good and we plan on pressuring him to share some of it at the show.  See you all at the New Years shows!