Change Is In the Air


Big changes are on their way to the Henhouse Prowlers in the coming months and we wanted to share it with all of you. All of this comes with some mixed emotions, of course. Our stalwart friend and collaborator, Dan Andree, is leaving, and we've invited the incredible dobroist Todd Livingston to become a new member on the team. Please read below for individual member thoughts: Words from Ben Jon and I have been so lucky with this band. It's crazy. We've had a bevy of amazing players over the last 12 years and they've all helped shape our sound and stage presence. Dan Andree is his own beast, however. The things we've learned from him and shared with him are now indelible parts of the Prowlers. Besides, we all know the power of his fiddle and voice is staggering. Still, with all of that comes something else that's harder to put a finger on. When you see the sights we've been lucky enough to see (The Sahara Desert, Ural Mountains and Congo River) and share the experiences we've been lucky enough to live (play music with Russian, African, American and European musicians), you form a bond. It's truly bittersweet to see a guy you consider your brother move on, but you have to respect it. As with all ex-Prowlers, this isn't the last time you'll see Dan on stage with us, and we all know that it most certainly is not the last time you'll see Dan Andree in the spotlight. Please join us in celebrating Dan over the next month, as well as wishing him luck in his future adventures, of which there surely will be many.

Also, it bears mentioning that we've felt extremely connected to Dan's family and we will not forget the help and love they've given us over the last four years. Good people, good friends, good times.

As we continue our amazing adventures, we are thrilled to introduce Todd Livingston (dobro) to the band. Those of you that have seen us over the last three months surely noticed a red haired monster on the resonator guitar sharing the stage with us. We first met Todd many years ago at IBMA and both Jon and I expressly remember thinking that we’d love to have a musician of his caliber in our band one day. That day has come (it’s still hard to believe) and we're excited to make it official. Todd already brings a force to the stage that gets us fired up and his passion for being part of the team is contagious. We can’t wait to see the growth his talents and strengths will bring to the band. Welcome aboard, buddy.

Words from Dan Friends Near and Far, After a life-altering 4 year tenure with the Henhouse Prowlers, I have made the decision to move on from the band. My time with the Prowlers has taken us to Russia, 5 countries in Europe, 10 countries in Africa, and all over the United States. I will forever be transformed and deeply moved by these experiences and eternally grateful for those who put me here.

Thank you to Ben Wright and Jon Goldfine for being the example to aspiring musicians everywhere of how to build and sustain a business out of your love, and for inviting me to play a part. Thank you to Vanessa Robinson, Max Knoedelseder, Starr Moss, and Grant Ziolkowski—the co-workers and friends of a lifetime. To all the past members of this band that helped to grow and shape it into what it is today, thank you for lending each of your personal stones to the foundation on which we all now stand. To Aaron Dorfman and Todd Livingston, I wish you even greater heights and many happy returns as you carry on the good fight. And to the friends and now family that have taken me as kin along the past few years, I am honored to have been welcomed and accepted by all of you and will continue to be overwhelmed by your love. I will be seeing you all again down the interweaving paths of our lives, you can count on that. “Now this is not the end. It is not even the beginning of the end. But it is, perhaps, the end of the beginning.” - Winston Churchill

PS - My final shows with the band will be three nights at Martyrs' in Chicago for New Year's Eve, Eve/Eve, and Day (12/30, 12/31, & 1/1). Come out and let's party!

Words from Todd Herb Brooks, the infamous "Miracle On Ice" head coach of the 1980 gold medal winning hockey team, once said, "Great things happen because of great opportunities." I've made my living the last 10 years playing as a side musician. I've played all sorts of gigs within many different musical styles, but always using the dobro as my creative voice. I had been aware of the Prowlers for some time and was a fan of their playing, singing and writing. Upon Ben reaching out to me, I had this feeling in my gut that it was time to be part of something bigger and in more of a "team" type role. I can't begin to express the excitement I have about joining the Henhouse team! Hopefully my excitement will show in my playing!