Ring it In!

Holy Thank You, Chicago!  Selling out Martyrs' for New Year's Eve was the best holiday present anyone could have gotten us.  We are humbled and overjoyed at all of your support and reckless abandon.  We are already looking forward to our next Chicago-land show as we get set to reunite with Special Consensus at Fitzgerald's in Berwyn on February 21st!  For all you forward thinkers out there, you can purchase your advance tickets HERE come January 9th. The New Year is already feeling great as we continue to put down new original material for an album that will be released this year (keep ears to the ground for that one).  We also miss our good friends out West so we're planning moves out that way in just over a month (with Fort Collins and Denver confirmed so far).

Meanwhile, we are absolutely taking full advantage of being close to home for this beautifully mild Chicago winter and if you are anywhere in the Midwest, chances are good that we will be in a town near you very soon.

Cheers, and Happy New Year!!