Christmas Eve at Martyrs'!

Click Here for Event Details! and please enjoy these season's greetings: Twas the night before Christmas, when all through Chi-town Not a band was playing, not even Falldown. Ventra Cards were placed by the doorway with care, In hopes that live music would soon fill the air.

Kin-folks were pulling out their sweet winter threads, While shots of corn-whiskey filled their dead-heads. Dready-mamma in her tam, and I in my flat-brim, Had just made up our minds that we wouldn't be leavin'.

When out down the street the clatter of the banjo, Made me exclaim, “Hey, I think it's a band yo!”. Away to the Brown-Line I flew like a flash, Got on in the loop at Randolph and Wabash.

I told all my buddies, beg steal and barter You better get yer butts on down to Martyrs'! Put down your pipe, your beer, and your shot glass The Prowlers are back for Tuesday night Bluegrass!

With old friends and loved ones I did reconnect, And even the HHP Mini-Mall was in full effect. More rapid than marmots, the picking began, The band harmonized, and yodeled, and played Shadow of a Man.

Now Dan! now, Starr! now, Jon and Ben! On, Chuck! On, Bradley! on, Harrison and Allen! Sittin' on Top of the World and Tres Piños Sky! Scratching Post and Drunk Again and the ol' Simplify!

Hours of Bluegrass, they played more than a couple, With last minute gifts sold by Max with big muscles. And all the people how they did rejoice, For the tuneage and booze and company was choice!

The fiddle bow would shred, and the banjo would drive, The guitar was ringing, and the bass played One-Five. And when the Eve was through and all hearts were light, They wished "Happy Christmas to all, and to all a Blue-Night!"