Martyrs' Thanksgiving Show

Hi folks, At home we've got an exciting couple of months coming up. We'll be doing a big Thanksgiving show with the Family Groove Company at Martyrs' in Chicago on Saturday, November 24. Check our Facebook page for special promotions and more information. It is an 18+ show. We're also heading into the studio in December to record our first full-length album since 2010. Check back for updates on the project in early 2013.

In other news, summer festival season is officially over and we had a great last run of it! We started out a three week tour of the West Coast with friends in Minnesota at the Boats and Bluegrass festival. We made our way out west, via a charming hippie bar in the middle of nowhere Iowa: Byron's. Fueled up on Road Loaf in Bend, Oregon, we met up with old friends in Portland and spent a few days out at the coast at the Pelican Pub and Brewery.

Recharged on traditional bluegrass in the Bay Area with our friends Belle Monroe & her Brewglass Boys and Windy Hill, we made our way eastward with a stop at our favorite Deadhead hangout in Denver: Quixotes True Blue. We met up over Halloween with CO jamgrassers Whitewater Ramble and we'll be back to Colorado in early 2013! Stay tuned for more information.


Hope to see you soon!